The perfect breakfast would be a different one for every guest. One wants cereal, the other one wants crispy bread. Cheese, fruit, chocolate, … Healthy or a bit sinful. Allergens, diets, … There is no such thing as a standard breakfast.

Fresh bread, different kinds of sandwich fillings, coffee, tea, sugar, milk en soy milk are standard. You’ll also find jam and a series of cereals on the buffet, even so a fresh fruit salad and nuts. 

Allergie, intolerance, vegan, vegetarian, … ? We’re prepared for most of it, but even better with a short message beforehand.

We try to be conscientious with food. This is another reason why we look forward to receiving a message when making your reservation. This way, we can expand our breakfast buffet, if desired, and at the same time avoid oversupply and consequently waste.